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Press Releases 2008

05-19-08 Banning Marijuana Bust
05-17-08 Robert Robles Arrested
05-11-08 Shot's Fired
05-08-08 Assault with a Deadly Weapon
05-07-08 Banning Officers Recognized
05-02-08 False Alarm Gun Call at Banning High School
04-25-08 Attempted Burglary
04-20-08 Fatal Traffic Accident
04-05-08 Banning Home Invasion
04-03-08 Homicide Suspect Arrested
04-02-08 Arrest Warrant Issued for Homicide
03-28-08 Woman Arrested for Burglary
03-25-08 Ramsey Cave-in Kills One
03-16-08 Stabbing Incident
03-12-08 Graffiti Arrests
02-28-08 Bomb Threat
02-23-08 Stolen Vehicle
02-18-08 Pursuit and Felony Evading
02-14-08 Felony Evading and Drunk Driving
02-08-08 Suspicious Death
01-31-08 DUI Pursuit Ends in Traffic Collision
01-30-08 Strong Arm Robbery
01-11-08 Robbery at Gun Point
01-10-08 Commercial Vehicle Parking Permits
01-03-08 Attempted Murder of Police Officer

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