Strangest Laws around the World

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There are a bunch of laws that have been created by policymakers to ensure that people will have a safe and secure living. However, there are some countries in which laws are kind of odd that it is difficult to believe they are real or necessary. Who knows, perhaps, a law may be created prohibiting kids to play and force them to study at certain hours of the day. Indeed it is odd, but we can’t do anything about it if it is passed.

Likewise, there are stranger laws that are now in effect and followed, which include:


In Milan, there is a law that is compelling its citizens to keep smiling. It’s prescribed by the city regulation from Austro-Hungarian times. Though, there are exemptions in this law like when going to funerals, people working in the hospitals or those who are at the bedside of an ill family member.

But as for everybody else, there’s no excuse not to smile. Definitely, this is among the weirdest laws you would ever encounter.


Perhaps, chewing gum while playing or walking outside seems to be a normal thing. Not in Singapore. Truth is, there’s no gum sold or bought there. The law is created to make public places clean.


It is totally illegal in the country for cyclists to lift their feet off of the bike pedals while riding because it may make them lose control while riding. Strange isn’t it?


While Switzerland is an extremely beautiful country coupled with picturesque landscapes, it hides some strange laws too. Among which is the fact that flushing a toilet after 10 PM in an apartment building is considered illegal already.


To be more specific, in the city of Quitman, owning chickens and letting them cross the road may make you pay fees.


In essence, the law wants chicken owners to have them under control all the time. This totally makes sense once you think of the possible danger of letting these farm animals run about. Georgia wants to make sure the sacredness and safety of their chickens as in Gainesville, you ought to use your bare hands to eat fried chicken.