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The Banning Police Department's Traffic Division is currently staffed with two motor officers. Traffic officers have the responsibility of investigating traffic collisions, enforcing traffic laws and conducting follow-up investigations on traffic related crimes such as hit & runs, etc. Traffic Officers are also tasked with community education through various activities including bicycle safety courses, child safety fairs and traffic safety classes taught in the schools.

Our Traffic Officers currently ride BMW motorcycles, which are equipped with the latest technological equipment, such as an on-board radar system and a hand-held Lidar-Radar (Laser). Having this equipment allows our officers to conduct speed enforcement while stationary and/or while moving. Motor Officers are specially trained and are selected based on their experience, expertise and must complete an intense training program in a state certified motor officer course.

Common Traffic Questions

What do I do if my car gets towed?

The Banning Police Department strictly enforces all laws pertaining to unlicensed and suspended license drivers. Banning Police has a "zero tolerance" policy when considering whether or not to impound your vehicle. Therefore, if you are caught driving without a license or with a suspended or revoked license, the vehicle you are driving will be impounded.

What do I do if I get into a Traffic Collision?

The first priority at the scene of an accident is the preservation of life and safety of the persons around an accident. If you are in a vehicle, stay in your vehicle, unless it is not safe to do so (e.g. fire or submerged vehicle). Several people are injured at the scene of an accident as they exit or re-enter their own vehicles. If you are not involved in the accident, get help in a safe manner by calling 9-1-1 at the nearest pay phone or by using a cellular phone.

If a cellular phone is used, a California Highway Patrol dispatcher will answer. If the accident occurred on surface streets in Banning, ask the dispatcher to be transferred to the Banning Police Department dispatch center to report an accident. If the accident did not occur in Banning, let the operator know what city you are in and they will transfer you appropriately.

When connected to the dispatcher, report the following information: 

Location of the accident.
How many injured persons (if any). 
The locations of the vehicles, property or pedestrians involved, 
If you are a witness or an involved driver/passenger 
Descriptions and directions of travel of fleeing vehicles (hit and run suspects).

If you are able, administer first aid to yourself first and then others. Stay at the scene of the accident and wait for help to arrive

For questions regarding the Traffic Division of the Banning Police Department, call (951) 922-3170.








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