Cyber ​​Bullying Perpetrators Can Be Snared by Criminal Law

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Information technology is like a double-edged knife. On the one hand, it carries a positive trait that is making it easier for the public to obtain information up to date, but on the other hand, it can even have a negative impact. One of them is cyberbullying.

Cyber Bullying Law

The Cyberbullying case lately has become one of the biggest problems that are vulnerable to young people to face, and even adults in everyday life. Cyberbullying is intimidation, harassment or abuse verbally and continuously carried out in cyberspace.

In the case of Cyberbullying oppression that occurs through cyberspace is divided into as follows:

  • Psychological Oppression that causes psychological trauma, fear, depression, anxiety, or stress, and
  • Verbal Oppression is detected because it is captured by the senses of hearing, vision, such as cursing, insulting, dub, make fun of, publicly humiliate, accuse, spread gossip and spread slander.

Factors Leading To Cyberbullying

Some of the factors causing Cyberbullying are a lack of understanding of social media, disharmony of relationships in the School environment, lack of family supervision at home, low mindset and self-defense in themselves and free use of Social Media.

For instance, many vloggers who freely upload their videos on YouTube, who either buy subscribers or gain subscribers naturally, get their share of bullying through comments and even through private messages.

Low Confidence and not instilling a self-defense attitude or defending yourself to fight if you get the incident of bullying is very easy to cause oppression. Freedom of social media now does not heed the frequent occurrence of bullying in cyberspace which is often referred to as Cyberbullying, where social media is one of the major contributors to the formation of an attitude.

At present, there are many forms of media that are not regulated by a governing body thus affects the good behavior of the viewers. The internet we have used so far has not been fully safety, there is still a lot of content that needs to be further investigated so as not to have a negative impact on society.

Fight Against Cyberbullying

In almost every nation, there are enough laws and regulations to commit this Cyberbullying crime. In general, Bullying in the legal aspect is interpreted against various offenses that are regulated in general criminal law.

Cyberbullying is an act of violence in cyberspace. Without the need to meet face to face with the victim, the perpetrator can spread threats, blasphemy, insults, oppression, and so on that can hurt someone. Cyberbullying cannot be taken lightly because it can trigger victims to commit suicide.

According to Criminal Law, all acts that harm a person (victim) are included in a crime because they have different motivations. And all criminal acts certainly have a criminal law umbrella that governs them.

“From the perspective of criminal law, this (cyberbullying) is action-oriented. Then the law must reward applicable punishment for those motivations (crime), “

In response to the cyberbullying problem, many nations have issued statutory regulations to crack down on this cyberbullying crime.