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What is file sharing?

On file-sharing platforms, For example, Internet users can share music, movies, series, or games. The file sharing software on the net works simply as a barter exchange. You get data and give it at the same time to other users. However, you do not know these users. With some offers it is also not quite clear whether you are just looking at something or the content is already downloaded and passed on, because the file sharing often happens in the background and for you unnoticed.

Why is file sharing illegal?

The exchange of data is not prohibited in itself. It depends on whether this data belongs to someone and to whom. For example, you could easily pass on music composed by yourself to the users of an exchange exchange. However, most of the data on file-sharing platforms is copyrighted – as is the album of David’s favorite artist. He wrote the music and the lyrics and is therefore the owner of the rights. David should not simply download or reproduce and distribute this content on the Internet. Here, file sharing violates the Copyright and is therefore not legal.

What does copyright infringement mean?

Copyright ensures that authors receive money for their work. That is only fair, because as artists they live off it. That is why her works are also called protected works. If they are illegally downloaded or even passed on, however, the right holders will have none of them. It is also referred to as copyright infringement, because rights holders have a disadvantage due to illegal downloads on the Internet. Therefore, file sharing of copyrighted material is prohibited and you can be warned if you do. So copyright is not there to annoy you, but to protect artists and their work. The inventors of games, film directors and screenwriters are also authors.

How do you know if it is an illegal offer?

Looking for the latest movies, music hits or series highlights on the internet, you’ll probably come across many streaming platforms with great offerings. But caution is required here! Even if it sometimes seems at first glance, many offers are not legal. Even if you didn’t even know it was illegal downloads, you may still be warned about it. However, there are some features you can look out for to distinguish legal from illegal sites so as not to be warned.

How do you fly on?

You’re not anonymous on the Internet. Put simply, computers that exchange data online need addresses, IP addresses. This is similar to the normal paper letter. So your computer writes to a website that they want data from there, be it a Wikipedia article or music files. The website reads the sender, i.e. the IP address, and sends the desired data back to this IP address. The IP address is therefore necessary for the data to end up in the right place on a network such as the Internet. It is also used on a file-sharing platform when you copy data there and offer it for copying.

The rights holders of music, films or games and their lawyers are sometimes specifically searching for illegal offers on the platforms on the Internet. You can convert and download YouTube videos using clipconverter. Owners and users can be traced via the IP address. The owner of the Internet connection who prohibits the film, game or song is subject to legal action. But even if you are guilty of copyright infringement through illegal downloads, there is a risk that you will be warned.