Complying With The Law: Building Permits In CT

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professional roofing servicesGetting professional roofing services is imperative to ensure your roof is properly and correctly built and installed with the right and recommended roofing materials and building standards.

If you run a roofing business, or would want to start offering professional roofing services, you will have to make certain that you are in compliance with the law as well have the appropriate roofing insurance. With various regulations to adhere to as well as license requirements in every state, you will need to be aware of and have working knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the business prior to starting or moving onto the next level.

Connecticut Roofing Contractors

In the state of Connecticut, roofing contractors aren’t obligated to have a state license. But, if your business operates under the category of home improvement contractor, you’ll be required to register with the Department of Consumer Protection with a yearly registration fee.

building permits in ConnecticutTypes of Projects Needing a Building Permit in Connecticut

In general, new buildings or considerable alterations or renovations to existing buildings need a building permit. Since these permits are approved and released at the city level, several cities might also necessitate such permits for minor projects too. Although sections of the building code are governed by state law, whether your building project needs a permit or not will frequently rely on the regulations of the city or municipality where your building project or property is situated.

Types of Building Permits in Connecticut

In Connecticut, a “building permit” has numerous various types that are beneath this category, including mechanical permits, electrical permits, demolition permits, as well as plumbing permits. Also included are sign permits to put up a signage outside of your business establishment, sanitation permits, zoning permits and street permits. Hence, major building projects may require numerous permits. So, make certain that you check on all the permits you need prior and secure them prior to starting your project.

Cost of a Standard Building Permit in Connecticut

A number of smaller permits will have a fixed fee, however typically the fee of the permit will depend on the overall value added to the property when construction is done.  Therefore, when you apply for a building permit, you will be required to present a valuation estimate.