The Role Played by San Jose Towing Companies in Connection with 22651 CVC

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San Jose roadwaysA towing company san jose businesses and property owners rely on for towing services, makes sure a request is in accordance with 22651 California Vehicle Code (22651 CVC). The California Code gives traffic enforcers and property owners the authority to have a towing company haul and impound vehicles parked for prolonged periods in certain spots.

However, in San Jose and other Bay Area cities and communities, there is a 72-hour parking ordinance that deems cars as illegally parked if stationed and unmoving in the same spot for more than 72 consecutive hours. Yet motorists should be aware that the CVC includes a ruling that does not allow vehicles to park in the area right between the sidewalk and the curb; regardless of paved or unpaved conditions of the road.

Moreover, San Jose entrepreneurs and property owners are instructed to get in touch with the City of San Jose’s Transportation Department to report any ongoing criminal activities related to parking and emergency issues.

Other 22651 CVC Provisions Empowering Police Officers to Tow and Impound Vehicles

no parking sign conspicuously displayed Under ordinary circumstances, most motorists found violating parking laws will only receive parking violation tickets indicating the fines that they have to pay as punishment for their misdemeanor. Still, it’s important for parking violators to settle the fines, because accumulating as many as 5 outstanding and unpaid parking tickets, is a ground for automatic towing resulting in impounding of the vehicle in question.

Other grounds for automatic towing and impounding actions that California peace-keeping officers can enforce include the following:

A vehicle will be automatically towed for impounding if the motorist was apprehended by police authorities for certain road safety violations and/or other illegal activities such as:

1. Driving under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol or drug,
Involvement in drag racing activities

2. Involvement in a car accident to which the drivers met their untimely demise; or brought to a hospital because of serious injuries that left them incapacitated to drive the vehicle.

3. Carrying contrabands, unlicensed firearms or victims of human trafficking found inside the vehicle.
The apprehended driver was discovered to have an active warrant for his or her arrest.

4. Parking illegally on a private property
Using a space reserved for persons with handicap or disabilities (PWD) as a parking spot for a vehicle that does not belong to a PWD.

5. Using a bus zone or any road spot as parking space while disregarding notices that it’s a Tow Zone area. Simply because doing so can impede and obstruct the flow of road traffic.

6. Driving with an expired or fake license and/or driving an unregistered vehicle are also grounds for automatic towing and impounding. This violation includes expired registration that is more than 6 months past its due date for registration.