5 Anime With Police Protagonists

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Even if you say police anime, its worldview varies. Police in the real world investigate and find and arrest the culprit, but while nonton anime (which means watching anime in Indonesian), it is not just that. Sometimes with guns and intense action!

There are also many thrilling stories that are bordering on the danger of life. The anime depicting the near future is interesting and spectacular in its own right.

Now that we have carefully selected 5 police anime that you should definitely watch, we will introduce the outline and highlights.

1. “Here Katsushika-ku Kameari Park Mae Sect Source”

As a Honobo-based police anime, the hugely popular “Koko-Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen-mae Source” is also known by the nickname “Kochi Turtle”. “Kochi Turtle” has also won the Guinness Book of Records as the manga series with the most published volumes.

The protagonist Ryotsu Kankichi, who works at Kameari Koen-mae Sect, is an unserious police officer who always wears sandals and has his eyebrows tied up. He is arrogant about money, acts like a police officer such as playing pachinko while on duty and is only angered by Daijiro Ohara, the department manager.

He is not like such a police officer, but he grew up downtown and has a wide face and a thick affection, so he is popular with the people of the town with the nickname “Ryo-san”. He has superhuman physical abilities and toughness, so he shows his strength in times of emergency, and is adored by juniors Keiichi Nakagawa and Reiko Akimoto.

“Kochi Turtle” is mostly a comedy with one complete episode, and the highlight at the end is that Ryotsu is met with a hidoi that makes him laugh. Because it is a story of downtown, it is also attractive that it is friendly.

2. “PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath”

“PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath” is a very popular anime that has been broadcast until the third season, which is unusual for an original work without an original work.

It depicts a near future in which the human spirit is quantified and managed by the “Sibylla System”, and it is characterized by a worldview that people in a mental state that are likely to commit crimes may be subject to punishment just because the numerical value is high.

In a world where good and evil are judged by Sibylla without a human will, the theme is “Is the number really correct?” The main character, Tsunemori Zhu, is assigned to the Public Security Bureau as a new inspector. There he met people called bailiffs who worked to curb crime despite having a high crime coefficient. The bailiff is the object of the taker = the potential offender on Sibylla.

Tsunemori treats the bailiffs as one person with the perspective of a newcomer and confronts heinous crimes together. As the story progresses, the truth of the case is revealed, which is also a highlight of this work.


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3. “Riot Police in the Shell” series

“Riot Police in the Shell” is based on the manga “The Ghost in the Shell” by Masamune Shiro, which was serialized in 1989. There are also anime and movie versions, but Major Kusanagi Motoko, who has turned his body into a cyborg, is the main character.

It depicts the near future and is set in Japan where science and technology have grown rapidly. Most people have a direct Internet connection to their brains. It has become a society where ordinary people, cybernized humans, and people with a wide variety of wills, from cyborgs to androids, live.

It is precise because of such a world that crimes such as terrorism and assassinations are increasing, and the story centering on the activities of the public security police organization “Public Security Division 9” = commonly known as “Shell Riot Police” directly under the Ministry of Interior to prevent it to a minimum.

The highlights are the use of the near-future technology of the riot police in the shell to hunt down the culprits, and the action scenes unfolded by the cyborg girls! In a world where science has developed too much, it is also an interesting depiction of what mechanized people think.

4. Mobile Police Patlabor

It was made into an anime in 1989, and it is so popular that it has been made into a movie and an OVA. In the near future, when the technology of the general-purpose multipedal walking machine “Raver” developed, the economy improved as a result, but crime also increased.

Unable to cope with the crime of using labor, the Metropolitan Police Department established the “Special Vehicle Division 2 Squadron”. We used patrol labor, commonly known as “Patlabor Patrol”, to strengthen security arrangements.

However, the only young people assigned to the Special Vehicle Division 2 Squadron who do not know what will happen are young people… “Mobile Police Patlabor is a highlight of the growth and struggle of such young cops.” This work is also popular as a robot anime and has many core fans.

5. “Cop Craft”

Cop Craft is an anime based on the light novel by Koji Kato. Fifteen years ago, behind the “hyperspace gate” that suddenly appeared, there was a different world where fairies and aliens lived, and this work is attractive.

On the island of Kaliaena, the closest to the other world, where various cultures were developed, violent crime was on the rise. The main character, Matoba Kei, is a police officer in the city of San Teresa on that island.

“Copcraft” opens with the shocking opening of one episode when Matba kills his buddy, with whom he has worked for four years. Matoba’s new sidekick was Tirana Exedirika, an otherworldly aristocrat who looked like a little girl. At first, Matoba treats Tirana as a nuisance, but as they confront the difficult case together, the two gradually develop trust.

The highlight of the film is the deepening bond between Matoba and Tirana and the gradual approach to the true mastermind behind the killing of Matba’s sidekick.


As introduced this time, police anime is multiplied with various genres such as science fiction and fantasy, and there are many works that have a worldview set.

There are not a few people who look at science fiction works set in the near future and feel “Is there such a future?” In addition, “crime” and “judgment of right and wrong” are themes precisely because they are police anime featuring various police personnel and criminals.

Please refer to this article and try to find your favorite police anime.