How the Police Use Tinder to Their Advantage?

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Police have a lot of powers when it comes to catching criminals. They can interview people without a lawyer present, search their houses, and more. But perhaps one of the most unexpected ways that police officers use to catch bad guys is through online dating apps like Tinder. While this may seem creepy and invasive, it’s actually quite helpful for law enforcement. Here’s how cops use Tinder to their advantage.

Interviewing Witnesses

In many ways, dating apps are just like any other social media app. They’re a place where people go to share photos, talk to friends, and (in some cases) find a date. When it comes to dating apps, the most obvious way that police officers use them is to interview witnesses.

If there’s an incident that involves multiple people, a police officer might create a fake profile and use the app to learn more about what happened.

It’s a similar technique to using an online forum to get information from people who may have seen an incident, but it’s a lot less public.

Track Suspects

One of the most surprising and helpful ways that law enforcement officers use dating apps is to track a suspect’s location data. If there’s a suspected criminal that you know is on Tinder or another dating app, you can use the app to track their location as they move around.

You’re not just looking at where they are right now, but also where they’ve been. This is helpful if you’re trying to get an accurate idea of where a person was when they committed a crime.

Police also visit the Auto Swiper website since auto swipers help them track suspects by pretending to be normal or attractive, this is similar to undercover cops where they pretend, in order to gather information.

Tracking Criminals’ Devices

If a suspect has been threatening you online or you know they’ve been sending you dangerous messages, you may be able to track their device. This is especially helpful if you’re worried that they’re going to follow through on their threats.

If you know that they’re using an online dating app, you can see what kind of phone they’re using. You can then use that information to find the device online and track it down.