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When the temperature hits 30 ° C or more during the day and it does not cool down significantly in the evening, the open window is often no longer sufficient at night to keep the room temperature at a comfortable level. More and more people are therefore longing for air conditioning both at home and in the office for the interior.

A quick solution is needed, especially in summer when the heat is almost unbearable. However, it is not advisable to go to the hardware store quickly and get an air conditioner for self-installation. In the best-case scenario, purchasing an air conditioner is an investment for many years and should therefore be carefully planned. A professional installation is essential for the correct functioning and long service life of the devices. Professional air conditioning company North Shore provides installation services that guarantee safety and efficient cooling or heating.

Air conditioning installation by experts completes in a few hours

The path to an optimal indoor climate is shorter than some might think. The retrofitting of an air conditioner is so to speak a little routine procedure – for professionals. You can do the installation in one day – usually, a few hours are enough – and keep the time and effort involved as low as possible. Carrying out the installation yourself is not recommended, however, because there are a few things to consider, which is why it is legally stipulated by law that split air conditioning systems may only be installed by certified companies.

Process of installing the air conditioning system

The installation of a split air conditioning system basically consists of attaching the indoor and outdoor units and connecting the two. The indoor unit can be attached to any wall thanks to its low weight. When it comes to placement, however, a few things should be considered, such as the distance to radio equipment or resistance to vibrations. Clearances to walls are just as important for the outdoor unit as a location that does not disturb your neighbors. Despite the low noise level, the operation can otherwise lead to problems with the neighbors. In addition, there are additional requirements regarding the attachment of the outdoor unit, especially in urban areas.

Why is installation recommended by a professional?

The installation of an air conditioning system not only requires manual skills but also extensive knowledge of the air conditioning units. Our specialist partners have years of experience in the installation of air conditioning systems and can find the right solution for every room. Our experts know exactly where indoor and outdoor units are best placed. The expert calculates the required cooling load based on the size of the room, the ceiling height, the number of windows, the insulation, the amount of sunlight, and other important factors.

The number of people who are normally in the room is also a relevant component. The specialist then knows where in the room the indoor unit must be installed so that the entire room is efficiently cooled and yet there is no unpleasant draft. The outdoor unit must also be installed in the right place. Usually, it is a balcony or terrace, however, the outdoor unit can also be mounted on the outside wall. The specialist calculates the required length of the coolant line and also knows about the legal requirements for attaching the outdoor unit. Particularly in settlements and cities, there are often special regulations that must be observed.

Special tools and measuring devices are used in the course of installation and inspection. The experts clarify once again whether everything is working properly. In addition, they will set up the air conditioning system together with you, train you in its use and carry out a test run. In principle, the experts take care of everything related to the installation and ensure that everything runs smoothly and cleanly.

Correct installation and regular maintenance ensure efficient operation

In addition to the legal requirements that must be met when installing an air conditioning system, the maintenance aspect should also not be disregarded. The air conditioner should be installed both indoors and outdoors so that it is easily accessible for annual maintenance. This saves you maintenance and repair costs and extends the service life of your devices.