The Cost of Retrieving Impounded Vehicles

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Whenever heavy duty towing companies towed a car, these brought back to the impound yard. The car owner or operator then has to pick it up from there and pay the fees associated with the towing. On the other hand, one thing that may restrict people from having their car released is when it has a hold order for inspection and investigation. Otherwise, it could be picked up anytime during business hours.

Retrieving the Impounded Car

If the vehicle owner wants to retrieve their car from the impound yard, there are few things they need to meet.

Valid Driver’s License

In case that the vehicle is towed from a lot, this will probably be a requirement. If the owner fails to provide a valid driver’s license, then he or she could bring someone who has one to drive the car back. Another option is by having the car towed to their location. Still, the alleged owner needs to show proof of identification.

For the impound yard to release the car from their lot, the vehicle registration should be listed under their name. At the same time, there has to be an updated auto insurance. Furthermore, they ought to pay for the towing fees.

What comes with it?

Now, in relation to the fees that come with the impounded car, the owner has to pay the following, depending on the circumstances:

  • 125 dollars for cars that has a 10,000 pounds gross weight or less
  • 150 dollars for cars that has a 10,000 pounds gross weight or more

Now remember that the cost can vary depending on the state where the car was towed and also, if there are other services provided such as:

  • For every tire that needs to be changed, 15 dollars
  • If drive shaft ought to be disconnected, 15 dollars
  • If a dolly was needed to use in towing the vehicle storage, 30 dollars
  • For every day a vehicle of up to 1 ton capacity stays in the impound lot, 20 dollars
  • For every day a vehicle of 1 to 5 ton capacity stays in the impound lot, 30 dollars
  • For commercial type buses, trailers and the likes, 40 dollars per day