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The police are an essential guarantor of internal security. Their tasks and competencies are regulated by law. The law and the police help people live together peacefully. Law and order prevail, even if there is no perfect security from crime.

That is by no means a matter of course. In many countries in the world, there is no rule of law. In some states, the legal system has formally dissolved.

Learning through online video how law ensures peace

The most important function of law is evidently the safeguarding of internal peace. You can learn from numerous online videos how law and police help ensures peace. And if you want to download these videos, use clip converter. In a society, there are different interests that inevitably lead to conflict. The law ensures that they are carried out in a peaceful manner through a regulated process.

The legal system forbids retaliation in private or asserting the law on your own. The victim of a crime may not take revenge on the perpetrator. A creditor may not steal the defaulting debtor’s car in order to keep it as collateral until the debt has been paid. Citizens have to go to the courts and enforce their rights with the help of the state.

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In the case of criminal offenses, the state alone has the power to prosecute. The prosecutor will bring charges. Even in the case of a civil dispute, the law replaces the violent, unregulated dispute with the regulated procedure. It can only develop its satisfactory effect if it ensures a fair balance of interests. When enacting the law, the legislature must anticipate the different interests and possible conflicts. The law thus serves to prevent conflicts.

If there is still a dispute, legal proceedings must bring about a solution to the conflict. If possible, it should be perceived as fair by all those involved. In any case, it puts an end to the conflict and restores legal peace.

Learn how law guarantees freedom through online videos

The law not only ensures inner peace but also guarantees the freedom of the individual. At first glance, this seems paradoxical, because the law restricts freedom in a variety of ways. In a society in which many people live together in a small space, however, there can be no unrestricted freedom. Freedom ends where the right of the other begins.